Like what kind of green, he asked when I explained this project. Green like a forest, I said. Green like a tree.

We had just left a gallery where a man had shown a single page from his book. Maybe three feet wide and four feet tall, the page was so big the man needed two people to help him hold the page while he read. The book is 30,000 pages, he told us, it’s a listing of every domain name on the Internet. I picked this page at random: Don’t come dot com. Don’t come in me dot com. Don’t come in my ass dot com. Don’t cry dot com. Don’t cry for me dot com. Don’t cry for me Argentina dot com.

At home we traded our domain names, knowing they must be listed. His were better than mine but he had let them lapse a long time ago, was worried someone would buy them to sell back at an inflated rate, green like money.

After he left I checked. There it was: the banner asking do you own this site?, the background washed in #003300. Green like a forest, green like a tree, green like his expired website. I texted to say I had found the green. Feel free to renew, he replied.

Haley Mlotek is 29/f/NYC.