What You See When You Die

My granddad had these videos from the market / when you watched the boys and girls stretching / the image broke / schools of silver fish surfaced above pale skin / when I ask him about this he says it is my fault

my nonsense behind the TV / in the back room / finding my personal tuning / in the screen’s black reflection for video games / this is what I told the girl on the other side of the world before school

I made her a rose in my green font / dashes for the stem / brackets for the thorns / an @ bud / I asked her about where she lived / about whether the spiders were like an old hand of bananas

she asked me what I was thinking about / I sent her a site called What You See When You Die / this has been on my mind / I hoped that it was accurate / a cat on a keyboard floating in space

Alex MacDonald lives and works in London which feels like it's falling apart.