It was a self-taught artist since childhood, dedicated to the development of cages and tramps, he was me, it was my name, it was my pictures…
I blacked out the 90s: it was Barranquilla, it was MDMA, it was the web, it was ayahuasca it was San Pedrito
It was hot, laid on my body. Let a few guys take turns on me, fuck a few of them, lots of head… but I didn’t cum I’m full of cum and need a release.
It is the feeling of a flying fish, it is “if it gets to it” in periscope; thinking in the bent of the green mago spaghetti, for the first time I embrace contradiction rawly and with any kind of shame whatsoever.
Embrace it in the same way I embrace the rest, spottily affirmation in the morning, guided meditation App in the subway
It will be much more, it will be beyond than everything as we know it, and internet is going to be there, as something that shaped our relationships but we don’t going to give it such a credit, because we are going to viscerally entertained.
It was hot, , lots of head… but i didn’t cum, i’m full of cum and need a release.
Are you free now?
Zulu Padilla is so many things… Based in Brooklyn