Everything was new
Nothing was the same
It all felt a bit like we had something at our fingertips
Something no one had ever seen
Just us
Nameless new friends
Faceless new loves

It was uniform
It was a resource
It located us

We were pirates of privilege


Everything changed
Everyone was here.
It was put into everyone’s hands at once.
We started selling it like cheap condos
Fences were built
Homesteads were erected
Vacant lots became signposts
Signposts became stop signs


Nothing is new
Everyone has a name
No one is alone
Hold your instincts hostage

Strip mall smokers
Vanity mirrors
Vacant lots
Sixty percent red
Forty percent green
One hundred percent blue
Safety in numbers

Surrounded by others
Protocols and procedures
Presentations and personas
Forwarding addresses
Aliases unknown
The unseen power of the picket fence
Built and Broken
Belated and related
Wondering where we went
Content with content
The doors are open
The secret knowledge of back roads
Capable of anything
The new morning comes so easy.
Midnight vacations are underused
Brighten the corners
Shape the shapes
Re define tomorrow
Accept the facts
Ignore the ignorance
Slanted and Enchanted
Luxe and Reduxe
Empty homes
Plastic combs
Alloys to Chromes
Paris is stale
And it’s war if we fail.

Come on in.

Tim Nolan is a product of New York City's Silicon Alley that has been proudly serving the Internet since 1996. Executive Creative Director at Huge, co-founder of Universalscene, an art practice that explores the intersection of technology & popular culture.