Within a couple of months of my joining the forum, there was a schism. Even before I’d arrived, alongside the Jedi and the Sith, there was a third faction you had the option of roleplaying: the Nem’vaah.
The Nem’vaah were neutral-ish users of the Force. I guess the idea was that there couldn’t be that many loose-cannon-play-by-their-own-rules Jedi, and so the way very active users had solved the problem was by coming up with a third way. In hindsight there was probably a better option, but, as I said, it was before my time.
Many posters, myself included, were concerned that Nem’vaah users were playing unfairly, unilaterally deciding their characters were more powerful than others. I believe it came to a head when one character killed another without the agreement of the deceased, though I’m fuzzy on the details.
After the moderators tried and failed to stop our fighting, we split off, hanging out in different ProBoards forums and AIM group chats. Within a year the original board had been deleted. At first there we still many of us, maybe 20 or 25. But slowly more and more left, until I was just carrying on AIM chats with one or two others, whose usernames eventually went idle forever.
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