things have gone from like to luv rather quickly. my mom is going to make me log off to free up the phone line. he changes the color of his font (chiller) to a bright blue-green in the middle of our conversation, and i ask why. he says it reminds him of my eyes and follows that with a line from the best ja rule song of the year.

(it’s 2002 and “mesmerize,” btw)

i think that’s pretty cute even though i have to squint to read it.

two weeks later, his parents move to a new neighborhood and he switches middle schools. he says “IM me ;).” i say “ok qt.”

i win the sixth grade spelling bee and become famous, but i don’t let it go to my head. i rush home from school and double click on the little running man. i see that he’s online, but my heart sinks when i notice the yellow notepad by his screen name.

his away message reads “brb babe” in a new font that is the ugliest shade of brown that i have ever seen.

maddison is the founder of puppy teeth records and the winning word was c-o-p-e-r-n-i-c-a-n.