Well the setting and time was casual. My homie’s house at around 3pm.
There were two pieces of tinfoil we were using, and the presence of the foil felt very dirty
My mouth was open, and my head was tilted up.
If I say that I saw a shiny metallic ball with faces painted all over, I mean a few things:
What was once a little blue light on the CD player now became a dense cloud of particles reflecting this color blue.
Balls would move around each other in impossible complex yet perfectly symmetrical and identifiable patterns, and each pattern composed part of a greater pattern and was composed of infinitely smaller unique patterns.
Then, I floated.
My next awareness was that I was floating in space in an immense blackness.
I was not in the bedroom but in the dining room.
We came out of the forest and I saw the blue sky and clouds and trees and I realized that I knew what they were and where I was
I struggled out of my own mouth for the final time but this time I ended up in an entirely different tube.

Phil Bergevin is a photographer in New York.