In the mid-90s, Sailor Moon was so popular that it spawned a number of imitations. One was Wedding Peach. The show was predicated on an absurd premise—a group of four schoolgirls moonlit as crusaders for justice, the Love Angels. The show’s palette was drenched in pastels: mint greens fused with soft pinks, oranges, violets.

For a time, my only knowledge of it came from a Geocities site that aggregated anime reviews from American enthusiasts. The site’s graphics were garish; a generic MIDI chimed in the background. Their review of Wedding Peach was particularly cruel. This dimestore Pauline Kael couldn’t stop comparing the show to Sailor Moon, an impossibly high gold standard. He described one of the Angels’ hairdo—an admittedly hideous green bob with a tuft at the top – as a “turd”. The comparison was apt, if unforgiving.

The show remained an abstraction to me until it got a stateside DVD release in 2003. I was eleven. I watched it and quite liked it, and the show’s critical reputation has improved since. The show’s easy to find online these days; the review isn’t, even with my stealth Googling. I revisit the show about twice a year when I’m on that nostalgic kick, never able to unsee the turd on Angel Daisy’s head.

Mayukh Sen (@senatormayukh) is the editorial director of This.