We are at the library doing school work. I feel honoured to be there, even if the other girls don’t. At 12, they look much older than I do. Earlier that week, one of them remarked on how adorable it was that I didn’t even need to wear a “real” bra yet.

Of course, we are not doing any work. We’re on MSN messenger and I feel crazy lucky to have been included in this group project because the new trend is to put the names of everyone you’re with in your display name. Rather than our names, the three of us pick an emoticon. I pick the sun (#), and I am the sun in the prettiest girl’s MSN name.
The third best looking guy at our school signs on, and to get his attention we sign off and on again using the prettiest girl’s account. I have tried this privately, but pretend it’s my first time playing this game. Like magic, he responds to our siren.

The prettiest girl is talking to the (3rd) best looking guy and I am watching. My chest and face are hot with excitement. He asks who she is with, and she lists our names and our corresponding emoticons.

When mentioning I am the sun, he says “who?”

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