my body is a barn.gif — my body as a barn.doc

The internet is a petting zoo. I fed the cows and milked their udders until
I had no celery left. I was a tooth in the ground that took a hundred years to
hatch, leaning into the glo-light like a vitamin D deficient martian
and telling strangers that i really like peter Kropotkin. I was once a hill
before I grew a cavern in my stomach. I have always liked talking about
the desert as the biblical place of judgment, dreaming idle of Chris Kraus’s
“land of golden opportunity, freedom and the leisure to do—what?
become a serial killer, a Buddhist, swing,
write letters to you?”

potrero, meaning in the southerwestern.jpeg

Oh! I said, I didn’t get it at first because I was Penelope at home cutting up
onions and sitting on the floor with them held up against my breast while you
were on the other side of the one-two-three great deserts and it was me who
did the leaving and yet I will forever feel that I am left and you and your scythe
will live under the hill adjacent to the south of market until the end of days.

Emily Gordis is from Berkeley, California. She has worked at City Lights, Museum of the African Diaspora, and the UC Theatre. She is studying political theory and visual art at Bennington College.